Your Water May Cause Cancer

Water and Cancer Stastics

Chromium-6 Is Widespread in US Tap Water

Laboratory tests commissioned by Environmental Working Group (EWG) have detected hexavalent chromium, a carcinogen in tap water from 31 of 35 American cities. The National Toxicology Program has concluded that the presence of this contaminant increases the risk of intestinal tumors in lab animals. The movie Erin Brockovich made in 2000 was the real life story of how an American legal clerk and environmental activist who, despite the lack of a formal law school education, was instrumental in constructing a case against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company of California in 1993. The case involves the contamination of drinking water with hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium 6, in the southern California town of Hinkley. This latest report shows at least 74 million Americans in 42 states drink chromium-polluted tap water, much of it likely in the form of cancer-causing hexavalent chromium.

How Widespread is Chromium Contamination

When the water of 35 cities were tested 31 were found to be contaminated with Chromium. The list of cities found to have hexavalent chromium in the municipal water supplies are as follows:

• Honolulu, HI
• Bend, OR
• Sacramento, CA
• San Jose, CA
• Los Angeles, CA
• Riverside, CA
• Las Vegas, NV
• Salt Lake City, UT
• Scottsdale, AZ
• Phoenix, AZ
• Albuquerque, NM
• Norman, OK
• Omaha, NE
• Madison, WI
• Milwaukee, WI
• Chicago, IL
• Ann Arbor, MI
• Louisville, KY
• Cincinnati, OH
• Buffalo, NY
• Syracuse, NY
• Pittsburgh, PA
• Villanova, PA
• Boston, MA
• New Haven, CT
• New York, NY
• Bethesda, MD
• Washington, DC
• Atlanta, GA
• Tallahassee, FL
• Miami, FL

(Holy Crap!!)

Aqua Pour

The Waterfall by Nikken makes PiMag water. I have read several articles recently that stated that Nikken does not release the test results on it’s water systems. I do not know if the writers of these articles were uninformed or just too lazy to look. I will call your attention to these two test results to satisfy even the most harsh skeptic as to the effectiveness of the aqua pour systems at filtering your water. The first is a performace data sheet showing this System has been tested according to ANSI/NSF Standard 42 and 53 for reduction of the substances listed. The second is a test conducted by the Korean Environment and Water Works Institute. It is a more comprehensive report. It also addresses the fact that the Nikken Waterfall leaves “ND” or “none detected” of this cancer causing material.

How Much Does The Nikken Waterfall Cost?

Buy Nikken Now

The Nikken Waterfall retails for $374 US. The filters will need to be changed usually every six months for about $25. You can contrast this to Brita that has to have a replacement filter every month for about $13 and Brita does a poor job of filtering and leaves your water very acidic, not good. Another great thing about the Aqua Pour is it requires no plumbing. Most people that read my blogs know that I believe that every household should have an Aqua Pour to supply your family with clean PiMag water just in case an emergency arises. How valuable would an Aqua Pour have been in New Orleans after the hurricane? Some writers recommend storing bottled water as an emergency water supply, but I disagree when it is less expensive to supply your water with the Aqua Pour and the water is fresh and can be “made” whenever you need water. If you have an extra filter you can supply your family with clean PiMag water for a year! If you are still cost conscious you can become a distributor for $35 bucks and buy all Nikken products at wholesale and avoid the 25% markup!! Watch this video of the inventor of the Aqua Pour System, Dr Walter Kim.

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