We Should Be ANGRY!!

How to Live Longer – Which People Live Longest?

invervention or prevention?

We, the U.S. are losing the battle.  I am not talking about Iraq or Afghanistan this morning.  I am talking about  the battle between countries as to which people are the healthiest and which live longer!  You think you live in the healthiest country in the world?  Do you want to know how to live longer? Read on.

Do U.S. People Live Longest?

If you check out the World Health Organization, or Nation Master’s web site there is an amazing amount of information with rankings by countries in many categories.  It indicates which countries live longer than another. The break down of where we, the US, rank in several of these key indicators including the countries that live longer, should not only astound you but also make you angry. If you like you can see the complete list of which countries live longer.

How to Live Longer

We here in the US rank number one in several categories.  We are number one in spending, no surprise there.  We are also at the top in obesity, teenage pregnancies, deaths caused by car accidents.  But just how do we rank when we compare our health or where people live longest to other countries? On the list of which people live longest we are in 47th place, Macau, a small part of China is number one, Japan is 3rd!  What?  We are in 22nd place in how healthy our citizens are, Japan is number one.  Why are we spending the most money yet so far down in rankings that really matter?  We do not know how to live longer. Part of our challenge is breaking through the “our doctors know” syndrome that permeates our society.  Deaths in this county from medical mistakes is third on the list of causes of death just behind cardiovascular disease and cancer!   Five times as many people die in our country every day from medical mistakes as in car accidents!  I do not want to give the wrong impression.  If I or a member of my family is broke, we want a doctor.  The medical establishment in the US is very good at fixing you when you are broken.  They are not good at all at keeping you healthy!  I routinely will run into people that are taking 5 or more medications every day.  One lady I recently spoke with was on 17!  That in my opinion is medical malpractice.  Medicine is not the answer to how to live longer! There is no way to determine what interactions that many chemical compounds will have in the body.  Our method of drug delivery in this country is much of the problem of health care cost.  The FDA has become a guard dog protecting big pharmacy from any and all competition.  Doctors are prescribing medicine based on which pharmacy rep provides the best lunch.  If there is a problems with a drug reaction doctors only have one resource to call in for help and that is the pharmacy rep!!  These reps are not doctors and yet our health concerns are being handed to them as the “expert”.

OK deep breath.   If we as a people will investigate what other countries are doing we can learn to live longer and stay healthier in the first place.  Statistics show that for every $1 spent on prevention $9 is saved by not having to spend on intervention.  We as a people have to take responsibility for our well being.  Let’s learn from other cultures and not hide our heads in the sand and pretend we live longer and healthier when the facts simply do not bear this out.

I work with a company, that focuses on prevention that started in Japan and moved their headquarters to the richest, sickest country in the world, the US in 1999.  They focus on using advanced technology to prevent sickness, make you live longer, teach you how to live longer, and keep you healthy.   We need help spreading this information. We are looking for people that want to discover how to live longer. Take a few minutes and check out the site.  Ask questions!  Will you be a winner or loser?

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