What Can A Wellness Home Do For You?

What Can A Nikken Wellness Home Do?

Wellness Home

My license five years apart. Click to enlarge.

I get the same question over and over again. “What can a wellness home do for me?” People will always be skeptical at first of new ideas or ways of thinking and doing. I know I was. When I was first introduced to Nikken products I laughed at the person telling me about these technologies and what they would do for me and my health. I did so openly and without any attempt to hide the fact that I thought this lady was a bit Coo-Coo. She had, however, heard this before and patiently listened to my ridicule until I agreed to try these technologies on myself. I am so glad she did because Nikken and the Wellness Home have changed my life. I offer here photographic evidence of what a Wellness Home did for me via my drivers license. One of the pictures was made in 2005 and I was quite frankly broken. I could not lift a glass from the cabinet with my left hand because of my shoulder. My weight was 180, I was forty-nine and looked and felt much older. I was having medical issues, fainting, and my doctors could not find a reason for it. Flash forward to 2010. My weight today is closer to 190 than 185 and I am again lifting weights, playing ball, doing anything I wish and have had no further problems. Thanks to, I believe, theNikken Wellness Home! This is why I am so adamant about sharing with others. Here you can find out “What is a Wellness Home? If Nikken and the Wellness Home can make such a change in me, it can in you too.

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