What is a “Wellness Home”?

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Did you know that the environment inside your home is more dangerous than the environment outside? Just because you lock up tight at night does not mean you are safe. Your worst enemy can actually be the air you are breathing, the water you are drinking and the food you find in your own refrigerator. There is a simple way to convert your home into a healthier place for you and your family to live… It’s called a Nikken Wellness Home.

A Nikken Wellness Home introduces natural energy products and consumables that are simply placed into your environment that improve your air, your water, your sleep and your nutrition. These products are designed to help put your body in the best environment it can be in, in order to start healing itself. Nikken Technologies combine a sensible philosophy, years of experience, and amazing products into an integrated and holistic approach to health and well-being. A healthy environment is like a greenhouse, providing all of the conditions for achieving one’s full potential. As in nature, if any elements are missing, plants cannot flourish. The greenhouse is designed to surround, protect and nurture – shouldn’t our home do the same thing for us?

Think about healthy plants that you might find near a mountain stream. The plants are exposed to natural elements and energies from the earth. They benefit from negative ions from the rushing stream, infrared energy from the sun, clean, pure mountain water enriched with minerals, and the uninterrupted magnetic field from the earth. Without these elements, the plants would not be as healthy.

A Nikken Wellness Home allows you to bring these naturally beneficial energies into your home to optimize your environment for healthier living.

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  1. erika gonzalez says:

    Hello my name is erika i have a 9yrs old boy name eric, he has autism. eric has a lot os issues with behavior and stomach, i need your help please.

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