What The Heck Is Asea?


I was drawn to learn more about Asea because of two list I found on at Npros. Npros is a website that ranks MLM companies based on how many searches there are for them on the internet. Asea ranks at number 10 over the last month and number 8 over the last six months, that’s very impressive. According to Google’s keyword tool there are some 60,500 searches globally for the word Asea. They have accomplished all this and the company was just started in 2009!! I set out to find out the Why? and the What?

What Is Asea

First the What? According to the website Asea offers a “time machine in a bottle”. I was intrigued. They call the process Redox Signaling molecules. I had to look up what Redox was. According to Wikipedia “Redox (shorthand for oxidation-reduction) reactions describe all chemical reactions in which atoms have their oxidation number (oxidation state) changed.” Ok I did not get very far there, so I went back to the Asea website. There it explains how as we age our ability to repair cells diminishes, and adding a signaling molecules with Redox properties boost the bodies ability to repair. That was much easier for me to understand. I did read an interesting blog by Ty Tribble that states Asea is selling nothing more that sea water. The ingredients listed on the bottle are only two, distilled water and salt. I must admit I was becoming a bit skeptical, but continued my research. On further reading I found where Asea claims they had discovered how to manipulate the composition to effect cellular repair. I was still not convinced until I got to read the study of the effects of Asea on athletic performance by Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D. I must admit I was impressed. Who am I and who is Ty Tribble or anyone else, that wants to cast stones of doubt without producing clinical evidence to back up our opinions? Like my Granddaddy always said opinions are like feet, we all have them and some stink….

Why Asea

The why? Asea is using the MLM or network marketing model. I do believe it is the future and natural progression of business models and I am not alone. Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzer, and many others more learned than myself have endorsed MLM as the fairest and best business model of the 21st century. Asea uses a binary compensation plan. This plan has become extremely popular in recent years among MLM companies and some of the biggest checks in the industry have been produced with this type of pay plan.

Closing Comments On Asea

In closing I am not ready to abandon my Nikken business and jump ship to Asea. I am however intrigued with the science and will continue to follow Asea and their science. To the naysayers I will point out that modern medicine of every generation has taken a smug “we know it all” attitude towards new or innovative ideas. It took medicine 300 years to admit citrus fruit prevented scurvy, and 100 years to say yes aspirin relieves pain. Some still doubt the effectiveness of magnetics and FIR (far-infrared) even though study after study has proven their effectiveness. I am not going to be one left with egg on my face if 20 years from now Asea is proved to be the fountain of youth they are searching for. I say good luck to each and every distributor out there. I will suggest that as you are building your business you pursue other avenues of income while your down line matures. It will keep the lights on and just maybe the wolves away from your door.

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