Will Online Marketing Make Me Money?

I am often asked “Can I make money online?”. The answer is yes, but I do believe you need to have a multi-faceted approach. It’s the old “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket.” philosophy you’ve heard all your life. I make money online from several sources which I will list for you here.

1.)I make money with my primary business which in my case is Nikken. I have an online catalog and write about people that have had amazing results with the products. I then link the blog post or article to my catalog and this results in sales, at retail!! I know Nikken is a MLM and an MLM is all about recruitment of new consultants and business building and you are told in MLM to concentrate all your efforts there. But there is a huge demand for Nikken products and most people, 98+% of those in the US have never heard of these technologies!! I consider my online job to be one of educating folks that these products/technologies exist. The result is sales and I make the biggest percentage of income off volume from the personal sale of these products and not from the percentage I receive from my associates. I know this is different from what you will hear in the MLM arena but for me at least this is holding true month after month. One other thing I would like to point out the longer I am online the more I am selling. I will also note the longer I am online the more inquires I get from folks that want to sell Nikken products online. I sign them up as a distributor and show them all I am doing, there success is my success. I look forward to the day when there will be 100s of folks in my down-line all selling these amazing products and all making a great income. It is a beautiful thing!!

2.) I make money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you market products or services for other people and they pay you a percentage of the sale, usually close to 50! When you see a link to Aweber, HostMonster or any other link on my web site I get paid for everyone that clicks there and makes a purchase. It is a strategy very much like the one used by the people that sold picks, shovels, and gold pans in California in 1849. They made more money than 99% of the miners that were digging in the gold fields. It does not cost the customer any more than if they had been direct traffic to the site instead of being routed through my links, the cost is exactly the same. It cost nothing to sign up as an affiliate marketer, and they provide you with the links to post on your site. All you do is cash the check when it comes to you. I do not mean to make this seem too simple. There is marketing involved in that you have to have people come to your site to get folks that will click and buy. I concentrate on growing the traffic that visits my site and know that the more people that come to visit the more sales will be made.

3.) I make money with MLSP. MLSP which for My Lead System Pro. It is the brain child of 3 broke network marketers who are now multi-millionaires. I know technically speaking MLSP is an affiliate site. More like and affiliate, on steroids, and growth hormones, and B12 injections, and Animal Paks all at once. MLSP has built into the program 27 affiliates and they are always in search of new ones. They automate the marketing for all these products for you and still pay you for all the sales!! Sounds crazy I know but it works. I got a check last month and will get a check this month and I just started!! To say MLSP is just an affiliate program would be like saying PiMag water is just water. 🙂 Or York is just another barbell company. Or Babe Ruth was just another ball player. The truth is MLSP wants you to be successful and provide a lot of training to see that you are. If you follow the plan, listen to the webinar, and are willing to learn you will be successful and be getting checks yourself every month.
That’s it, that is where I am getting checks from now. If anything is added I will let you know. If you want to know more and work with me to build your own online empire just send me an email. You will not be pestered as there are too many people that want this so I do not pursue those that are undecided. I think I have the best of all worlds. The best MLM company, Nikken with the most amazing products (of that I am positive) and the greatest automated sales system in MLSP.

til next time,

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4 Responses to Will Online Marketing Make Me Money?

  1. Hey Gary. At the risk of it going straight to your head, Google found your post and put it in my alert email for Nikken.

    As you well know, I agree that there is great money to be had with network and affiliate marketing online. The trick is to make sure that all of your affiliate and network marketing programs all complement and feed each other. That is where the success will come from. I know what you are doing and you are definitely headed in the right direction.

  2. Eldes says:

    Nice tip @Wayne Woodworth

    Any marketer choose own strategies to grow yours profit

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