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Hex Color Code Chart & Generator

Hexidecimal codes are the 3 or 6-character codes that are often used in HTML and CSS to tell the browser what colors to display. So for example, #FFFFFF is the color white.

Below are some Flash tools you can use to create your own color scheme.

Generate Your Own Custom Hex

1. Drag the
bar on the "Hue" selector to
generate the desired base

2. Next
double click inside the
Brightness/Saturation grid
to activate the cursor. 
Drag it until the desired
brightness is achieved. 

The "Swatch"
bar shows you the final
color result.

3. The hex
color code is generated at
the bottom of the grid in
the "Hex" box.  Simply
copy and paste the code into
your page.


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Next…Choose a Color Scheme!

Once you have your hex color value from
the chart above,
copy and paste it (without the #) into the form below the color wheel and it
will generate a matching color
scheme for your website.

This is a great tool to use if you’re
trying to come up with cohesive colors for your navigation,
background, hyperlinks, etc.

Remember, it’s best to choose 3-4 colors max and use them consistently throughout your website. It will make it look more cohesive.


Popular Hex Colors


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