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The cause of wrinkles is well know. What causes wrinkles is a breakdown of collagen just under the skin. Collagen is what mends a broken bone and also holds the skin tight and prevents wrinkles. As we age our production of collagen decreases. This is one of the reasons we are slower to heal after breaking a bone as we get older and also why our skin wrinkles. Many people get injections of collagen around their eyes and lips in an effort to reduce wrinkles. It is widely used among people in the spotlight like movie stars, even though it is painful and painfully expensive. One of the problems of this type of therapy for wrinkles is that the collagen is absorbed into the blood stream and expelled by the body because it was not naturally produced. This means that the injections have to be administered again and again for the anti-wrinkling effect to continue. If only there was a natural way to boost your bodies natural production of collagen that would both last and was inexpensive. The good news is that there is and today I will revile the secret to you.

In 1990 a research was performed in England by Fraser McDonald into the effects of a magnetic field into the production by the body of osteoblast and fibroblast. Osteoblast are cells inside each of us that build bone. They are the actual “brick masons” that lay down new bone after the body has mined old bone because of a mineral demand by the body. As we age the number of osteoblast in the body goes down and their mortality goes up. It is this reduction of osteoblast as we age that cause such diseases as osteoporosis and some forms of arthritis. In this study the bodies production of osteoblast were statistacially unchanged. Meaning the use of a magnetic field in this study did nothing to improve osteoblast activity in the body. The fibroblast activity was a totally different story. What McDonald found was that fibroblast activity was greatly increased. Fibroblast like osteoblast are cells of production. What that means is the cells only purpose is to produce something the body needs. In the case of osteoblast it is the production of bone cells, however in the case of fibroblast, they produce collegen! McDonald stated in his study that because of the increase of fibroblast and thereby the increase of collegen that a magnetic field would and does increase the healing of broken bones. Amazing!

Enter Nikken

If a person can increase the production of collagen in their skin, which naturally decreases as we age then they can conceivably prevent wrinkles from forming and even erase the wrinkles that have already formed. This research by McDonald led Nikken to create, manufacture, and market a face mask, not to repair broken bones but to stimulate collagen production around the eyes and face of the people that wear it. Today Billions of dollars are spent every year on creams lotions and potions in an attempt by people to slow down or reduce the wrinkling of their skin. This is like putting a band-aid on a cancer. Unless the root cause of skin wrinkling is addressed, collagen formation by the body then true improvement of wrinkles is not possible. Also once the concoction is used up you will have to buy more. In the case of the Nikken eye mask you can use it every night for years and years. Go to the Nikken Eye Mask.

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